A great fishing weekend …. for most anglers

Anglers have been happy with recent catches

Over the past weekend the fishing was fantastic at a number of waters, with quality trout being caught. Standout waters were Woods Lake, Bronte Lagoon, Penstock Lagoon and the Brady’s Chain. One boat at Woods Lake caught and released 36 trout up to 4lb in size! Good tailing trout were also reported from the 19 Lagoons area, with duns noticed on Penstock Lagoon.

Disappointingly, a wide range of offences were also detected by Officers. Inland Fisheries Officers in conjunction with Wildlife Management Branch Rangers performed joint compliance operations covering both highland and lowland waters. Land and boat based patrols resulted in 307 angling licenses being inspected across 28 different waters, with 45 boats inspected. Night time patrols for wildlife offences were also conducted.

Infringements were issued for 10 fisheries and 13 Mast offences including:
• 7 anglers fishing without a licence;
• 2 anglers fishing with more rods than their endorsement;
• 12 anglers failing to wear PFD on a vessel under 6m whilst under way; and
• 1 angler failing to ensure a person under 16 years is wearing a PFD.

Inland Fisheries Officers will continue to be on patrol all around the state, and those who are not doing the right thing by both the fishery and their own safety are running the risk of receiving a hefty fine.

After nearly 15 years of warning boaters about the dangers of entering the water without a life jacket it is very disappointing to see so many taking such a high risk with their safety. The likelihood of a fatality if you fall in the water without a life jacket is five times higher than if you are wearing one.

To all those anglers who purchased the correct licence and ensured the safety of themselves, their family and friends IFS and MAST thanks you.

Anyone who suspects or witnesses unlawful activity contact Stephen Hepworth Manager (Compliance and Operations) at the Inland Fisheries Service on 0438 338 530

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