European carp, Australia’s toughest invasive fish species?

It can get a little bit cold at Lake Sorell for carp and their hunters

Over the last 20 years the carp management team has worked tirelessly to eliminate carp (Cyprinus carpio) from our inland waters. At times the punishing Tasmanian weather has been just as formidable as the carp.
A short article written by IFS’ own Jonah Yick, showcasing the extreme environment in which the carp management team operate in, has recently been published on Dr. Brendan Ebner’s, website The Moray’s Lair Included are some great photographs demonstrating the absolute resilience of these pests in our wild climate, making them very tough to eliminate. Thankfully the carp management team are just as tough a breed as are the carp!
By containing the carp to the infested lakes, preventing spawning, and maintaining a vigilant fishing effort the team successfully removed the last wild carp in Lake Crescent in 1997. The fight will continue until the last carp is removed from Lake Sorrell and the weather or carp will not beat the team!
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