Surveys for juveniles show Lake Crescent still carp free

Brett Mawbey shows off one of the large brown trout caught during the juvenile carp survey at Lake Crescent.

Although no carp have been seen in Lake Crescent since 2007, surveys are still undertaken to ensure a carp free lake.

Methods used in this survey included fyke nets and back pack electrofishing. Both of these techniques have been successful in locating juvenile carp in lakes Crescent and Sorell in the past.

A total of 48 fyke nets were used over the four days. The focus of these nets was on the marsh areas and shallow lake margins which provide ideal habitat for juvenile carp.  This resulted in over 3,000 fyke net fishing hours  with no carp captured. The majority of the catch was made up of large brown trout all of which were released.

Back pack electrofishing was also used to sample ideal habitat throughout the lake. Over fourteen separate sites, no carp were discovered in the 4.6 hours of fishing effort.

In addition to this survey, a commercial eel fisherman has fished the lake over the summer period of 2014-2015. Between 54 and 104 Fyke nets were fished in Lake Crescent between the 25 November 2014 and the 19 January 2015. No carp were captured despite this ongoing fishing effort.

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