Volunteers add to the efforts in fisheries management

Rod Newnham, Malcom Crosse and Mark Quinane were a great help to fisheries management tasks on a cold Great Lake day.

A quick decision in late May to fin clip 4,000 adult brown trout for transfer to Tooms Lake saw the IFS seeking help from some willing volunteers. Malcom Crosse, Rod Newnham and Mark Quinane were on hand to assist with an exercise that will help in understanding the brown trout population at Tooms Lake.

The 4,000 adult brown trout were fin clipped (the adipose fin) and stocked into Tooms Lake as a "marked" sample. A recapture survey will be conducted in late July r to assess the size of the brown trout population at the lake.

By using the proportion of "marked" to unmarked fish in the recapture survey the IFS will be able to estimate the number of brown trout that inhabit the lake. This estimate will help with managing the fishery in the long term by determining stocking rates required to maintain a sustainable fishery.

The team of volunteers and IFS staff braved very cold conditions at the new Sandbanks trap (northeast end of Great Lake) and got their hands wet to assist with this important project. The IFS extends its' heartfelt thanks for the help of these volunteers.

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