Intensive netting of carp in Lake Sorell underway.


With a large proportion of carp in Lake Sorell due to mature this coming season, there is a need to ensure that not only is spawning prevented, but as many of the remaining carp as possible are removed from the lake. An intensive gill netting program is underway in combination with radio tracking, traps, fyke nets, barriers, electro-fishing and pheromone attractants in a coordinated approach to eradicate carp. The labour intensive gill netting program requires two boating teams (three staff per boat) working around the lake to check, retrieve, and set the nets on a daily basis. One of the boats undertook modifications to improve operations when servicing nets in deep water (1.5-3m). The design has been working well and has allowed long stretches of gill net to be checked relatively easily in all weather conditions.
Story by Jonah Yick

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