Memento of a special catch donated to Salmon Ponds Museum

Mrs Barbara Martak, her daughter Karen and Tony Wright with the mount of the trout caught by Jo Martak at Little Pine Lagoon.

Mrs Barbara Martak together with her daughter Karen presented a mounted brown trout caught by her husband Jo in February 1986 at Little Pine Lagoon for inclusion as an exhibit at the Salmon Ponds Museum of Trout Fishing at Plenty to Deputy Director Tony Wright.

Mrs Martak also included the story as related of the hunt for this beautiful specimen.

“Tale of the 12 lb Trout

While cleaning a couple of small brown trout on the banks of the Little Pine Lagoon, I saw a shadow dart in and near me. When i later stepped into the water to rinse out my two niced sized fish, was surprised to notice all the innards were taken. Towards evening I walked along the shoreline, but there was no sign of a fish of any size moving about. Next morning however he was there again and he was huge. I set my rod up with a New Zealand fly  “Red Setter” which resembled the colour of the innards and no sooner started casting when the hit came. I had no idea how big it was, but I couldn’t fit in the the net and was pretty sure it was a ten pounder. What a great days fishing.”

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