Illegal gill net retrieved from Wayatinah Lagoon

This short piece of gill net has caused the death of native and introduced wildlife.

Wednesday 22 January 2014 the IFS received a call from staff at SALTAS Wayatinah hatchery informing of a net found at Wayatinah Lagoon.

An IFS staff member went to Wayatinah to collect the net. The net contained dead cormorants and redfin perch and is a reminder of the destruction that illegal fishing gear can cause when used in the freshwater environment.

The use of gill nets in lakes and rivers is strictly prohibited and anglers should report any sightings of such gear to the IFS. Thanks must go to the staff at Wayatinah SALTAS hatchery for informing the IFS of the find and removing it from the river where is was causing death of native and introduced wildlife.

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