Western shore of Great Lake access roads – take care and slow down

When you access the tracks on the western side of Great Lake slow down.

The IFS recently positioned cattle grids on tracks leading from the Highland Lakes Road to the western shore of Great Lake along Liawenee Plain. This is part of the agreement that has been negotiated with the new landowner who is preparing to fence the land so that his stock does not roam onto the busy road and to ensure future access for anglers.

There have been comments from anglers that the ramped position of some of the grids may cause difficulties for vehicles particularly when towing a boat. A review of the grids has been undertaken and some improvements have been made in particular to the cattle grid on the Boundary Bay track.

Drivers need to be aware that they should slow to a low speed when crossing the grids to protect their vehicles and boats. Low speeds will also ensure that the tracks stay in good condition, limit maintenance and protect the landowners stock which will all assist in keeping the tracks open in the long term.

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