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Mesh change on the Lake Sorell outlet screens

IFS' Terry Byard changing the screens at Lake Sorell.

Screens were first built at the outlet of Lake Crescent leading into the Clyde River, and the outlet of Lake Sorell flowing into Lake Crescent, to ensure there is no further spread of carp between and outside of these water bodies. As no carp have been detected in Lake Crescent now for over seven years, the screens leading into the Clyde River have now been removed. However, there is still a big emphasis placed on the Lake Sorell screens, as any breach in the containment structures could result in the re-introduction of carp back into Lake Crescent, as well as a lot of hard work down the drain.

Carp Management staff recently changed the mesh on the Lake Sorell screens from 1 mm to 12 mm mesh, as a precautionary measure in case of the requirement to release large amounts of water, due to high rainfall. The diameter of the mesh is such to avoid any translocation of carp from one lake to the other, but more importantly the 1 mm mesh is reinstalled from October to March when the risk of carp spawning is at its greatest. 1 mm mesh is used to ensure that in the unlikely event of carp spawning, even eggs cannot be transferred through to Lake Crescent.

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