Regulation changes for the 2013/14 angling season


Several changes have been made this season to the rules and regulations governing the freshwater recreational fishery. An overview of these changes is outlined below. Anglers should check the relevant section of the 2013/14 Fishing Code for more detailed information.

  • Schedule 3 of the Regulations has been amended to allow for the issuing of a 5 consecutive year angling licence for full season; Senior, Pensioner and Adult licence categories only. This may included a second rod endorsement if the licence holder elects this option.
  • The definitions for artificial fly, bait and lure have been updated to remove ambiguity in the use of artificial and manufactured baits such as ‘Powerbait’. Therefore, artificial or manufactured baits (Powerbait etc) along with natural bait are only permitted at waters where bait fishing is specified.
  • The Regulations have been changed to allow for the use of a mechanical motor (ie outboard motor), in addition to oars or an electric motor to take fish by trolling at Lake Leake.
  • Lake King William is to be added to the list of trout fishing waters open all year round for fishing. This water was previously open for a 12 month season in 2005/06. This amendment reinstates this provision at the request of anglers.
  • To address safety concerns at Craigbourne Dam, Tasmanian Irrigation Pty Ltd (the water manager) have erected gates at the dam wall therefore preventing public access. To support this safety matter, the Service has amended the Seasons and Waters Order to prohibit fishing from the dam wall and associated infrastructure.
  • The Regulations relating to Infringement Notice Offences have been amended to allow for the issuing of an infringement notice for;

- the taking of fish from a boat within 100 metres of an angler fishing from the shore or wading, without the boat being moored;

- using any lure or bait that is not an artificial fly to take fish in specified ‘fly fishing only’ waters.

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