Installation of Navigation Lights continues

One of the new navigation lights, installed at Lake Barrington.

The installation of navigation lights continues with installation complete at Lake Barrington (Wilmot, Weeks Reach and Kentish Park boat ramps), Dee Lagoon (Spillway Bay), Lake Echo (Dam wall) and Lake Pedder (Edgar Dam and Scotts Peak boat ramps) completed.

The lights are a solar powered white beacon that have a range of 5 nautical miles in clear weather. The flashing lights activate at dusk and operate until dawn and are being placed to give the best possible visibility from the water to aid boaters find ramps in low light conditions. A full list of the light installations will be available upon completion (Early 2014) along with GPS coordinates for loading into on-board navigation aids as an extra back up.

These lights have been jointly funded by Hydro Tasmania and MAST with in –kind support from IFS for installation and maintenance. Please report any operation issues to IFS on 1300infish or

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