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Access assured to western shore of Great Lake with installation of cattle grids

The near completed access point on the track to Canal Bay, Great Lake.

The installation of the grids, fencing together with access signage are fulfilling an access agreement between the new landholder of the area Mr. Peter Downie and the IFS to maintain access.

During the last week of November 2013 the IFS is installing cattle grids and signage to access roads on the western shore of Great Lake.

A total of eight tracks that lead to the western shoreline of Great Lake from the Lake Highway on the Liawenee Moor will have cattle grids installed to constrain the stock grazing in the area. The tracks are popular with anglers wanting to access the western shores of Great Lake and include tracks to Duck Point, Canal Bay, the Beehives and Boundary Bay.

Please be aware that the signs provide advice to the public in respect of the private land only that the public must cross to reach the Hydro land on the lake shore. Once on the lake shore and environs Hydro guidelines to recreational use apply.

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