It's closed season at most inland waters but there are still options

Huntsman Lake, a winter fishing opportunity for 2012

During the first week of June Inland Fisheries Compliance staff booked two anglers for fishing in a closed water, one at Lake Duncan and one at Brumbys Creek. Anglers are reminded that most inland waters remain closed until 4 August 2012.

There are however quite a few options for those who wish to get their fix of winter fishing. Eight lakes remain open; Great Lake, Lake Burbury, Craigbourne Dam, Meadowbank Lake, Lake Barrington, Brushy Lagoon, Lake Pedder and Huntsman Lake. As well as lakes there are lower reaches of some major rivers that offer good opportunities to catch sea run and estuary resident trout and these are the River Leven, River Derwent, Huon River and Tamar River. Check your fishing code for details of where the all year round sections are located.

The booking of two boating anglers at Great Lake, one of whom was a child, for not wearing life jackets last week is a concern. It is mandatory to wear personal floatation devices in boats under 6 meters in length. Wearing a life jacket can save your life, particularly in the freezing winter water.

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