Lake Plimsoll

Region: West · Category: Minor
0.97 21/04/2024


Min size: 300 mm Bag limit: 2 Method: All methods (bait, lures and flies) Season: 5/8/2023 - 28/4/2024

Latest stocking

Date Number Species Age Weight (g) Type Stocked from
29/01/2024 9000 Brook Trout Fingerling 10 Diploid FF#52 - Targa (TI & AP Malahoff)
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Located on the Anthony Rd. (B28) and part of the Hydro Tasmania Henty-Anthony scheme. This is a fishery known for brook trout only and one of the best places to go if that is the species you wish to catch. This fishery lends itself to boating as it is a large body of water. Open in line with the brown trout season and all methods. There is a two fish bag limit for this and all waters with brook tout.