Lake Mikany

Region: Northwest · Category: Minor


5 fish combined with only 2 over 500mm

Min size: 300/500 mm Bag limit: 5 Method: All methods (bait, lures and flies) Season: 5/8/2023 - 28/4/2024

Latest stocking

Date Number Species Age Weight (g) Type Stocked from
15/11/2015 8000 Rainbow Trout Fingerling 7 Triploid FF#04 - Springfield (Huon Aquaculture Group)
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Lake Mikany is one of a number of domestic water storages on the Northwest coast, which are open to the public for fishing and is one of the lesser known inland waters in Tasmania. In recent years it has become popular with anglers living in the Circular Head and Wynyard municipalities. Access around most of the shore line is limited due to thick vegetation but most anglers prefer to fish from the area along the dam wall to the island which is an easy walking distance of about 1.5 kilometres. Only boats, manually propelled or propelled by electric motors are permitted. Lake Mikany is currently regulated as inland water where all legal forms of freshwater fishing is permitted. Lake Mikany is an excellent freshwater fishery being located close to the townships of Smithton and Stanley.