The Brown Trout Fishing Season Opens in ! Get Your Licence

Protecting our spawning fish

Help protect the sustainability of our fish stocks by respecting spawning trout and their habitat

As most keen anglers will know, the seasons for Brown and rainbow trout are there to protect the spawning runs. The Inland Fisheries Act 1995 also protects spawn and spawning fish through prohibiting certain conduct or fishing inflowing waters to certain lakes. We remind anglers of the following section of the Act:

section 137.   Disturbing spawn

(1)  A person must not disturb –

(a) any spawn or spawning fish; or

(b) any bed, bank or shallow on which any spawn or spawning fish may be; or

(c) any fish at a place and during a time at which the fish are spawning or accustomed to spawn.

Penalty:  Fine not exceeding 10 penalty units.

Anglers, or others, who disturb fish, spawn or water courses as described above interrupt the natural recruitment of fish and therefore the sustainability of fish stocks for following years. Significant penalties apply.

Anyone who has information regarding illegal activities in our inland waters can contact us on 03 6165 3808,  0438 338 530 or alternatively email us on 

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