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Manuscript published on the eradication of carp from Lake Crescent

The last carp from Lake Crescent was caught in 2007

Lead author and current Carp Management Program team teader Jonah Yick, describes the strategies and techniques used to eradicate common carp (Cyprinus carpio) from Lake Crescent (23km2) in a peer reviewed manuscript published in the international journal “Fishes”.

Carp were first discovered in both lakes Crescent and Sorell in January 1995, and contained to these waters using screens to prevent their escape down-stream, followed by the closure of the lakes to the public. Random fishing evolved to more targeted removal using radio tracking, along with with gill netting, electro-fishing and trapping. Spawning was blocked, while catching adult fish.

After 12 years of fishing, 7797 carp were captured from Lake Crescent, with the last carp being caught in December 2007. For the past 14 years no carp have been caught, confirming the eradication from Lake Crescent. The methods evolved, and have been used in the larger Lake Sorell (54km2), where 41,499 carp  have been removed. It is now estimated that there are few, if any carp remaining.

Fishes Journal (Open Access):

Citation: Yick, J.L.; Wisniewski, C.; Diggle, J.; Patil, J.G. Eradication of the Invasive Common Carp, Cyprinus carpio from a Large Lake: Lessons and Insights from the Tasmanian Experience. Fishes 2021, 6, 6.

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