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Supporting safe boating on Hydro Tasmania lakes

IFS' Neil Morrow testing the light at Cramps Bay after battery replacement

In 2014 Hydro Tasmania and IFS installed navigation lights at 30 major boat ramps around Tasmania with financial support from Marine and Safety Tasmania's (MAST) Recreational Boating Fund (RBF).

These lights are automatically activated on dusk or low light and provide guidance for boaters to navigate safely back to their launch point.

The lights are battery powered with solar recharge but the batteries require replacement after 4-5 years to maintain reliable operation.

MAST, through the RBF, have supported the cost of replacement batteries with IFS providing the labour, transport and associated costs of replacing the batteries and testing the operation of each light.

All the lights will be upgraded by June 2018 to ensure reliable operation until 2022.


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