Opening weekend outlook

Four Springs Lake carpark on the opening Sunday in 2017
Four Springs Lake carpark on the opening Sunday in 2017

Most inland waters open this weekend.  

The brown trout fishing season starts on Saturday 4 August and the outlook is fantastic.

Winter has so far delivered good rain in the West, Northwest, North and South of the state.

Today dams in the Mersey/Forth, Pieman and the lower Derwent catchments are spilling with the upper Derwent filling quickly. Storages in the Eastern half of the state have had less rain. Favourites such as Tooms Lake and Lake Leake are filling slowly and will still be low for Saturday.

Anglers should expect strong flows in most rivers. More good rain is forecast for Friday and Sunday so keep watch for some exciting backwater fishing if rivers break their banks.

In the Central Highlands, Bronte Lagoon and the Bradys Chain are close to spilling and are sure to attract some attention. There is a lot of talk about Penstock Lagoon on the back of its exceptional performance last season and winter stocking program. If you want to avoid the crowd then maybe Woods Lake or Lake Crescent could be worth a try. 

Other popular venues will be Four Springs Lake in the North and the lower section of the River Derwent in the South. If you want to avoid the crowds at Four Springs Lake then Huntsman Lake might be worth a try. Huntsman Lake is very full and the flooded margins are likely to bring good numbers of fish in range for shore-based anglers. Don’t forget all methods are now permitted.

With great flows and levels in waters across the state there are so many options, you just need to get out find them.

Remember, if you do decide to go, keep safe, being careful around fast flowing waters and always wearing your life jacket in your boat.

Enjoy your fishing!

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