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Great Lake now has the dual name of yingina

The area of Great Lake is also known as yingina under the Tasmania Governments Aboriginal Dual Naming Policy

A second round of dual names have been approved by the Nomenclature Board of Tasmania under the Government’s Aboriginal and Dual Names Policy, bringing the total to 13.

Earlier this month dual names were assigned to seven Tasmanian geographical icons including Great Lake which now has the dual name of yingina

The names are applied in the reconstructed palawa kani language following extensive research by the Aboriginal community language revival program.

The other dual names announced were:

  • wukalina - to be dual named with Mount William
  • titima - to be dual named with Trefoil Island
  • laraturunawn - to be dual named with Sundown Point
  • nungu - to be dual named with West Point
  • taypalaka - to be dual named with Green Point
  • pinmatik - to be dual named with Rocky Cape

The assignment of dual names is an important step in the ongoing recognition and preservation of our Aboriginal heritage and culture.

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