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Last Sunday (8 November 2015) IFS reported to Anglers Alliance Tasmania on recent activities.  Many of these activities have already been reported here as news items, such as the renewed carp funding and our compliance operations but other important updates and hot topics included:

  1. The low rainfall and resulting low lake levels which is looming as a significant issue.  In response, IFS has ceased stocking Lake Leake and Tooms Lake and the Fisheries Performance Assessment of Lake Leake has been postponed.
  2. The recent serious biosecurity breach with the sale of imported trout at Coles – thankfully an angler with a very keen eye spotted and reported it to Biosecurity Tasmania
  3. There will be post-Christmas construction of a spawning trout trap on the River Derwent at Lake King William that will be used to capture adult trout for statewide stocking.
  4. The Arthurs paragalaxias (Paragalaxias mesotes) has been found again at Woods Lake after an absence of nearly 20 years. A total of 34 mature fish with females close to spawning have been found at a range of sites throughout the lake.
  5. To improve access, stiles have been installed on new fences at Union Bridge (Mersey River) and Marshalls Bridge (River Leven). A new footbridge is being manufactured for installation at Hobbs Bridge (River Leven).
  6. New legislation is being signed off on prohibited freshwater species that cannot be imported or be held in Tasmania.  This brings Tasmanian in line with a nationally agreed noxious list and includes ornamental species as well as environmental pests The Inland Fisheries (Controlled Fish) Order 2007 is expected to be introduced in the next six weeks.
  7. Feedback is being sought on possible new angling regulations for the 2016/17 season.  If you have any suggestions please submit these through your angling association or directly to IFS before 31 December 2015.


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