Inland Fisheries Past Year as Reported

IFS 2014-15 Annual Report

Our annual report was tabled in parliament on the 27th October. Highlights of the year include:

• The establishment of a Fisheries Officer in the northwest of the state at Devonport and the filling of a long-term Fisheries Officer vacancy at Liawenee.
• A review of potential dam options with a report prepared on how to increase freshwater angling opportunities in the south of the state. Three options have been prioritised.
• Surveys were undertaken to assess the number and structure of the trout population at Penstock Lagoon and Four Springs Lake.
• We continued our focus of wild adult brown trout transfers in preference to hatchery produced fish. A new trap was constructed on Sandbanks Creek and it provided 9,000 adult transfers.
• We implemented a new farm dam stocking policy. 23 dams between were assessed and approved for stocking with brown trout for public fishing. Signs and stiles were installed.
• The completion of the Anglers Access project for the River Derwent, with over 60 access points for anglers and a colour brochure to support this was produced.
• The IFS in conjunction with Tasmanian Irrigation worked to explore options to ensure access for fishing at the newly constructed South Riana Dam.
• IFS worked with Forico Pty Ltd regarding access issues at Talbots Lagoon.
• Increased fishing effort was applied to the carp population in Lake Sorell. This effort points to only 5% of the 2009 cohort remaining.
• The University of Tasmania has secured a grant to develop a genetic eradication method for the invasive pest fish Gambusia holbrooki. The Inland Fisheries Service will be involved.
• The 2014-15 trout fishing season and the 150 years of trout celebrations culminated with the draw of the Ford Ranger competition at the Liawenee open weekend in May 2015.

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