Carp season slowly warming up

Terry Byard with some early season carp

The variable weather conditions over the past few weeks have made the start of the carp season a variable and slow affair. The series of cold fronts that have been passing over the State over the past few weeks have been keeping the water temperatures in Lake Sorell below 10 Celsius with the shallow margins cooling even further over night. This has limited the opportunity to target carp but with a high water level and longer day light periods the carp team has everything in place to tackle the opportunities that are expected to begin in coming weeks.

As the water has slowly warmed the transmitter implanted carp have begun to liven up moving actively around the lake with the occasional sortie into the margins just to keep IFS staff on their toes. This has been at the carp’s peril as the team has been eagerly waiting to take any of the early starters out of the game.

The recently released sterile male carp appear to already settling in and are mixing and moving around the lake with the other transmitter fish.

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