Pet Reservoir

Region: Northwest · Category: Minor


5 fish combined with only 2 over 500mm

Min size: 300/500 mm Bag limit: 5 Method: All methods (bait, lures and flies) Season: 3/8/2019 - 3/5/2020

Latest stocking

Date Number Species Age Weight (g) Type Origin Stock
19/06/2019 750 Brown Trout Adult 550 Diploid River Derwent, Lake King William Wild
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The Pet Reservoir is a domestic water supply impoundment situated in the township of Ridgley on the North West Coast and is open to the public for fishing. It is a very popular fishing destination for anglers living in the local municipalities. Camping, boating and the lighting of fires are not allowed. Access to some of the shoreline is restricted due to public safety issues and these areas are clearly defined. The Guide is surrounded by gently sloping grassland allowing easy walking access. It is a very popular family orientated fishery and is open to all legal freshwater fishing methods.