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Brushy Lagoon

Region: North · Category: Major


5 fish combined with only 2 over 500mm

Min size: 300/500 mm Bag limit: 5 Method: All methods (bait, lures and flies). From 1 hour before sunrise to 3 hrs after sunset Season: All Year

Latest stocking

Date Number Species Age Weight (g) Type Origin Stock
07/09/2021 120 Atlantic Salmon unspecified 1500 Diploid FF#05 - Russell Falls (Tassal Group Pty Ltd) Domestic
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Brushy Lagoon is a small shallow and sheltered lagoon within conservation area and production forest.

Getting There

Brushy Lagoon lies 20km north of Westbury via the B72 and C714.

Recreational Fish Management

Brushy Lagoon is regularly stocking with brown trout, rainbow trout and Atlantic salmon to maintain the quality of the angling.

Angling Notes

Brushy Lagoon is a family fishery with easy access and lower altitude making it a comfortable location for all methods year round. The chance to catch fish is enhanced through regular stocking to maintain populations. The dam wall is a popular location with shore based anglers. This water is ideal for small boats.

Pest Fish Management

Redfin perch (Perca fluviatilis) are present in the Meander River below Huntsman Lake and in Brushy Lagoon. If this species is caught, anglers are asked to humanely kill the captured fish and dispose of appropriately. Please report any captures of Redfin perch in Huntsman Lake or Four Springs Lake to the IFS. Anglers can help reduce the spread of pests in Tasmanian waterways by not transferring fish between waters. Offences may incur significant penalties.

Recreational Use

Brushy Lagoon is within Conservation Area and production Forest.


There are two boat launching areas at Brushy Lagoon, one on the eastern shore and at the dam wall.


Check your wash - if it's white it's all right - if it's brown slow down. Fishing from a boat within 100 metres of an angler fishing from the shore is prohibited unless the boat is securely moored. Do not park on or obstruct boat ramps.