Fishing Lake Leake


Last season, Lake Leake was one of our standout waters. Good numbers of large fish were caught using all methods. The lake has been spilling over winter and level is still be high.

The Inland Fisheries Service has transferred 1 200 adult wild brown trout and stocked 2 000 yearling rainbow trout into Lake Leake since early May. These will have settled in well and be eating the stick caddis, scud and snails that are commonly on the menu for trout in this lake.

Shore based angling options are reduced when the lake is spilling but even fishing from the pontoon near the dam wall was productive last season.

Water temperatures are low in August which can force fish to feed on deep weed beds. Anglers trolling on the outside of submerged timber will have success. The eastern side of the island and up into Snowy River Bay is a good area. Rainbow trout are common when trolling ‘wide’ but running along any drop off will increase your chances of catching a large brown trout.

In mild weather, brown trout will move into shallow water. Fly anglers should fish around structure with large woolly bugger patterns. Lure fishermen will do well with shallow running hardbodies and lightly weighted soft plastics. Casting from a drifting boat is the best tactic.

During cold weather, lures and flies will need to be fished more slowly and fewer fish will be found in the shallows. In this case, both fly and lure anglers need to get down to the top of the prolific weed beds that are abundant in the lake.

The 2021/ 2022 season is likely to be another good one for those fishing Lake Leake. The lake always fishes at its best before Christmas and August is the perfect time to get to know it. Those who spend a good deal of time on the lake will surely be there on opening weekend and during the months that follow.

There have also been three brown trout released into Lake Leake as part of the Tasmanian Tagged Trout Promotion. Each trout is worth $2 000.

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