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Whitebait offender guilty


On Monday 11 July, Matthew Barry Wall of Sheffield was convicted of whitebait offences.

He was fined $2300, plus $81.09 in court costs. This is the second time Mr Wall has been found guilty on whitebait charges.

The offences took place on the Mersey River in October 2015 when it was closed to whitebait fishing.

Whitebait populations are easily hurt by over fishing.  So they are protected by strict rules. Illegal fishing can put the future of Whitebait at risk. The harsh penalties given to Mr. Wall show that illegally fishing for whitebait is serious.

Whitebait runs will start in our rivers in the next 2 months. Anyone who sees activity that looks wrong is asked to contact Stephen Hepworth, IFS Manager of Compliance on 0438 338 530. Even if you’re not sure, let us know and we’ll check it out.  We need your help to stop people like Mr Wall.

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