Carp Management Program Workshop 2014

Absent from photo: Shaun Finlayson, Gary France, Sally Bryant, Christine Mucha, Karen Richards.

The Carp Management Program held its annual two day workshop 1 – 2 May to review the past years work and undertake planning for the coming year. Nick Rawlinson, a fisheries biologist and lecturer from the Australian Maritime College (AMC) was secured to provide an independent review of the whole workshop, and assist in the development of a 2014/15 operational plan. Day one involved presentations from staff on key aspects of the program to the stakeholder group. This group consisted of representatives from the commercial eel fishery, Anglers Alliance, the Inland Fisheries Advisory Council, and the Tasmanian Land Conservancy. The presentations were aimed to give the stakeholders an understanding of how the CMP was progressing while providing a springboard for the team to build an operational plan on day two.

The second day proved worthwhile and allowed the team (with the valuable assistance of Nick Rawlinson), to workshop, interrogate and analyse the data to investigate opportunities to assist in the eradication of carp from Lake Sorell.

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