Pine Tier Lagoon

Region: Central · Category: Minor
2.52 26/02/2024


Min size: 300 mm Bag limit: 12 Method: All methods (bait, lures and flies) Season: 5/8/2023 - 28/4/2024


Pine Tier Lagoon was created by the damming of the Pine and Nive rivers for hydropower in the 1950's. Three kilometres long and set in a narrow, forested valley, Pine Tier Lagoon is one of the few highland waters sheltered from most winds. Informal camping is permitted on Hydro Tasmania land on the north eastern shore of the lagoon.

Getting There

Pine Tier Lagoon is 6 km north of Bronte Park off the B 11 Marlborough Road.

Recreational Fish Management

Excellent natural spawning maintains the healthy population of predominantly brown trout with rainbow trout making up around 15% of fish caught. Due to the large number of fish, trout generally weigh around 500 g.

Angling Notes

Wading and flying fishing is best around the northern bay where the Pine River enters the lake, particularly when the lake level is high or rising. Beetle falls are a feature in summer and the deeper eastern shores are ideal for lure casting and set rod bait fishing. Trolling and drift spinning can be practised throughout.

Protect Waters

Recreational anglers have a responsibility to look after fisheries resources for the benefit of the environment and future generations.
Do not bring live or dead fish, fish products, animals or aquatic plants into Tasmania.
Do not bring any used fishing gear or any other freshwater recreational equipment that may be damp, wet or contain water into Tasmania. Check, clean and dry your fishing equipment before entering Tasmania.
Do not transfer any freshwater fish, frogs, tadpoles, invertebrates or plants between inland waters.
Check your boat, trailer, waders and fishing gear for weed and other pests that should not be transferred before moving between waters.
Do not use willow (which is a plant pest) as a rod support as it has the ability to propagate from a strike.

Pest Fish Management

Anglers can help reduce the spread of pests in Tasmanian waterways. It is an offence to use fish or fish products for baits or to transfer fish between waters. Significant penalties apply.

Lake Levels

Information on current lake levels for Pine Tier Lagoon including Metres from full and trend (Rising, falling, steady. ) is available from Fishing/Things to check/Lake Levels.


A good gravel boat ramp is located on the eastern shore of Pine Tier Lagoon.


Be aware of and comply with fishing regulations.
Respect the rights of other anglers and users.
Protect the environment.
Carefully return undersized, protected or unwanted catch back to the water.
Fish species and other organisms must not be relocated or transferred into other water bodies.