Pine Tier Lagoon

Region: Central · Category: Minor
2.14 01/04/2020


Min size: 300 mm Bag limit: 12 Method: All methods (bait, lures and flies) Season: 3/8/2019 - 3/5/2020


A rapid increase in electricity demand at the end of World War II led to Parliamentary approval, in 1947, of a scheme to develop the catchment areas of the Nive and Dee Rivers north of Tarraleah. Both rivers are tributaries of the Derwent River. The western, or Nive River, part of the scheme was started first. The Pine Tier Dam was built across the Nive River just below its junction with the Pine River. The dam diverts waters via the Bronte Canal into Bronte Lagoon.

Getting There

This small Hydro Tasmania storage is four km north of Bronte Park village, the first two km being on the B 11 (Marlborough Hwy) before turning to the northwest for two km on the dam access road.

Recreational Fish Management

Open to all methods with a small gravel boat ramp suitable for small boats.

Angling Notes

A high catch rate of small trout is typical. Fishing the flooded marshes at the northern end of the lake can be productive early season. Spinning, bait fishing and fly-fishing can be productive throughout the lake. The lake is sheltered with relatively calm waters in all but the windiest conditions.