Curries River Reservoir

Region: North · Category: Minor


5 fish combined with only 2 over 500mm

Min size: 300/500 mm Bag limit: 5 Method: All methods (bait, lures and flies). From 1 hour before sunrise to 3 hrs after sunset Season: 5/8/2023 - 28/4/2024

Curries River Reservoir - within 400 m of the dam tower


Latest stocking

Date Number Species Age Weight (g) Type Stocked from
28/06/2023 31 Brown Trout Adult 466 Diploid Tumbledown Creek, Arthurs Lake
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Curries River Dam was built in 1979 by the Rivers and Water Supply Commission and is managed by Tasmania's water authority as domestic water supply for George Town. A large dammed domestic water storage just south of George Town on the eastern side of the Tamar. The trout feed on a land locked population of Galaxias maculatas. Electric outboards or manual propulsion only water for boating anglers. Does offer some shore based fishing.

Getting There

Access from the B82 east of George Town off the East Tamar Hwy (A8).

Recreational Fish Management

Curries River Dam is managed as a Trophy Fishery and is regularly stocked by the Inland Fisheries Service to maintain populations of both brown and rainbow trout. Fisheries management is designed to protect the quality of the water and the health of consumers.

Angling Notes

Set rod bait fishing with worms and grubs is popular from the causeway and shore. Lure casting and fly-fishing from the shore or a boat can be productive. Fishing within a 400m radius of the dam is prohibited.

Protect Waters

Check your wash- if it's white it's all right - if it's brown slow down. Fishing from a boat within 100 metres of an angler fishing from the shore is prohibited unless the boat is securely moored.

Native Fish Management

The jollytail (Galaxias maculatus) has established a landlocked population in the reservoir with juveniles often being observed swimming around in small schools. This scaleless fish grows between 100 mm and 180 mm in length. Both short finned and long finned eels may also potentially be present.

Pest Fish Management

Report any unusual fish captures or algal sightings immediately to the Inland Fisheries Service


Curries River Dam is a sheltered water ideal for small boats. Only electric outboards can be used when either fishing or travelling on this water. Please practice minimal impact boating by accelerating gently in shallow water to avoid the underwater wash from the propeller jet stirring up silt and mud. This sediment clouds the water, disturbs sensitive weed beds, smothers aquatic plants and degrades fish habitat.