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Apr 07, 2017

Autumn brings the first carp aggregation of the 2016/17 season!

Aggregation – the formation of a number of things into a cluster After the mild, settled weather in late March, a radio transmitter ‘tracker’ carp was found in a rocky backwater of Lake Sorell. We ...

Apr 06, 2017

Huntsman Lake boat ramp closed

Tasmanian Irrigation have advised that due to low lake levels the Huntsman Lake boat ramp is closed until further notice. It is anticipated that autumn rains will start to fill the lake soon and ...

Apr 06, 2017

The road to Brushy Lagoon is open

The road to Brushy Lagoon has been re-opened by the Parks and Wildlife Service. Two new bridges have been constructed. These replace temporary ones that were put in after the June 2016 floods. A ...

Mar 28, 2017

Hydro Tasmania upgrades access for anglers

Hydro Tasmania have undertaken maintenance work to improve Angler Access at Arthurs Lake Dam Ramp, Penstock Lagoon Ramp and Liawenee Open Weekend Overflow Carpark. The work was undertaken by ...

Mar 17, 2017

Media Release: Notice of closure of Lake Lynch in the Central Highlands

The Inland Fisheries Service is reminding Tasmanians it is illegal to move, possess, import or release Mainland yabbies (cherax destructor) into waterways following the recent detection of the ...