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Apr 17, 2014

New Bradys Lake Whitewater Boat Ramp open to public

The new boat ramp at Brady Lake is nearing completion. Prior to Easter the pontoon was fitted and the ramp opened for public use. Finishing touches including handrails on the pontoon, grading and ...

Apr 06, 2014

Lake River Anglers Access maintenance

IFS staff have been out and about checking Anglers Access infrastructure on northern rivers and completing maintenance as required. One area that needed some work was on the Lake River downstream ...

Apr 02, 2014

Rubbish a concern for the emerging family fishery at Lake Kara

During a routine check of access facilities, IFS staff recently removed five garbage bags of rubbish from numerous campsites around Lake Kara. Items included large amounts of nappies and human faecal ...

Mar 31, 2014

Big trout caught in Lake Crescent survey

The recent juvenile carp surveys conducted at Lake Crescent resulted in large, well-conditioned brown and rainbow trout being caught. Brown and rainbow trout up to 10 and 6 pound were caught along ...

Mar 31, 2014

Juvenile carp surveys in lakes' Crescent and Sorell

The annual juvenile carp surveys were undertaken over the past few weeks in Lake Crescent and Lake Sorell. These surveys are to determine whether any new recruitment had occurred over the past ...