Camden Dam

Region: Northeast · Category: Minor


5 fish combined with only 2 over 500mm

Min size: 300/500 mm Bag limit: 5 Method: All methods (bait, lures and flies). From 1 hour before sunrise to 3 hrs after sunset Season: 3/8/2019 - 3/5/2020


Camden Dam is a 9,300 megalitre dam built by Tasmanian Irrigation as the storage for the Scottsdale irrigation scheme. The dam is filled by the damming of Camden Rivulet which holds both rainbow and brown trout and will have reliable natural recruitment. The dam has not been stocked and the small population of trout will grow quickly on the newly flooded ground . The dam was completed in July 2019. The dam structure, spillway and rivulet below the dam are strictly out of bounds to public access for safety reasons.

Getting There

Camden Dam is situated approximately 10 km south of Targa via Camden Hills Road and Diddleum Road. There is good shore access from the car park at Diddleum Road on the eastern side of the dam.

Angling Notes

Anglers should be aware that there are numerous hazards around and in the dam such as floating debris and tripping hazards. Foot access is permitted around much of the lake however the dam structure, spillway and Camden Rivulet below the dam are strictly no access areas.


Motorised boating is not permitted however canoes and kayaks powered by manual propulsion are allowed. Kayakers should be particularly careful of submerged trees and floating debris.