Publications recently added to the Inland Fisheries website.

A list of the publications produced by the IFS and available to download is provided here. Of particular use is the Fishing Code, which contains a summary of the regulations for the current season. You can also access copies of the most recent plans and reports produced by the Service, as well as application forms and brochures.  This section also contains links to publications IFS has contributed to which have been published by other agencies.

Recently Added

 Title   Date   Size 
File Lake Kara Angler Access fact sheet Oct 21, 2014 763.8 kB
File Lake Crescent Angler Access fact sheet Oct 21, 2014 1.0 MB
File Carp Management Report July-September 2014 Oct 08, 2014 1.9 MB
File Permissible Imports List Aug 28, 2014 391.4 kB
File Carp Management Program Annual Report 2013/14 Aug 25, 2014 2.9 MB
File Development and deployment of sterile ‘Judas fish’ to assist carp eradication in Lake Sorell, Tasmania - surgical and chemical sterilisation Aug 21, 2014 67.9 MB
File IFS report to Anglers Alliance August 2014 Aug 19, 2014 571.0 kB
File Meadowbank Lake Brochure Jul 14, 2014 1.4 MB
File Lake Leake Tooms Brochure Jul 14, 2014 1.9 MB
File Woods Lake Brochure Jul 14, 2014 1.5 MB