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Jun 30, 2016

Anglers Access flood damage update

We’ve now looked at most of the Anglers Access sites. There is major damage in the Leven and Mersey catchments and minor damage on the other northern rivers. Many stiles and signs are damaged or ...

Jun 28, 2016

IFS checks on a special group of golden galaxias

The golden galaxias (G.auratus) is a small rare native fish found only in lakes Crescent and Sorell and is a listed Threatened Species. Even though there are quite a lot of them in lakes Crescent ...

Jun 26, 2016

yingina / Great Lake boat ramps re-opened

With water levels having recovered sufficiently, Hydro Tasmania has re-opened all boat launching ramps on yingina / Great Lake. yingina / Great Lake is one of Tasmania’s most popular angling ...

Jun 26, 2016

Anglers Access - we've started looking at what the floods left behind

IFS has started working our way around the state looking at damage to Anglers Access infrastructure after the floods. The new equipment on the South Esk River largely escaped even though the flood ...

Jun 23, 2016

Anglers - Keep an eye on Lake Dulverton

Last year the Southern Midlands Council and IFS got together to improve the fishery at Lake Dulverton. Since then water has been added to the lake as a part of the Midland Water Scheme with an aim ...